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Shipping Options

Australia is a long way from almost everywhere and, as such, our shipping costs can be very high. That said, some products can be sent securely in padded envelopes at letter rates rather than parcel rates.

Letter Rates
Products which are flat (foils, small baggies of pigment and glitters etc) and bought in smaller quantities (up to 150g) can be sent in a padded envelope if the envelope is thinner than 2cm. I am happy to pack flat to keep shipping costs down for local and international customers. I have set up letter rate called Glitter/Pigment Only which can be selected upon checkout.

If you prefer the added safety of box packaging you can choose the Australia Post live cost which will include this.

Please do not select this option if any hard items are purchased as these will need to be sent as parcels and the shipping price set accordingly. If hard items are purchased using the Glitter/Pigment Only option then I will need to contact the customer and therefore delay the order.

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