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Glitter Arrival

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I'm pleased to be able to add two more black iridescent solvent resistant glitters to the cosmetic glitter selection.

They are quite special as they are not a glitter mix but a single glitter which flashes multiple colors.

Currently there is Black Purple Flash .015 in store which is a glorious black and purple solvent resistant glitter.

The black purple has been very popular.

Now I have Black Rainbow Flash .015 and Black Green Gold Flash .015. 

Don't be put off by the black green gold name as this is very flashy and showy and packs a big punch.

Black Green Gold Flash .015

Black Rainbow Flash .015

All three are now available in store.

Upcoming News

I have some new pigments in store which I am testing at present. Micro flakies and flakies and some extra purple based multichrome chameleon flakies.

Keep viewing for more information on colours and types.

Happy frankening!

Lift Off

Well, if you can see this, Frank and Shine Design's move to a brand new platform has happened!Hopefully successfully.In fact, I may be busy typing 301 Redirects as you read this so all the old pages will point to new ones.This marks year two of Frank and Shine Designs which is a milestone for us.Welcome [...]

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